The IQAC prepares the academic calendar of the college in consonance with the academic calendar of University. Accordingly respective departments prepared their action plan. The deployment of the Action Plan is adhered as per academic calendar. There is therefore a confluence of both department and IQAC in the effective implementation of the continuous evaluation process.

Every faculty is provided with Teacher’s Diary and Daily Notes into which they prepare entire record of the class and students assigned to them. It includes action plan, departmental-practical, digital room time table, record of the results, monthly synopsis of teaching, tracking record of adopted students, record of unit tests, terminal exam, tutorial and assignment which make continuous assessment of students progression. Other than regular assessment few department conduct surprise tests, open book test, short questions and MCQs test to evaluate the students. The diaries are checked from time to time by the Principal, they are submitted to IQAC at the end of session with remarks.

The IQAC Cell constituted as

Chairperson Dr. S. B. Choudhari, Principal.
Three Staff Members: Dr. S.N. Patil.
Dr.V. B. Pande (Coordinator,
Prof. P. H. Kshirsagar.
Administrative and technical staff: Shri S.R.Ugle
Student Representative: Miss M. K. Rathod
Management Representative: Shri Gopalji Agrawal.
Alumni Priti Davare.
Other Stakeholder and Community Representative. Dr. Harish Baheti,
Mrs. Anjali Sumant Rakhe
Employers / Industrialist Shri. Dilip Deshmukh
Other External Experts Dr. Vinod Bhonde, Principal, Y. C. A. & Sc. College. Mangrulpeer.